What I bought from the Sephora Sale

What I bought from Sephora


1. Beautyblender – Besties Makeup Sponge and Cleanser Set

I’ve literally never bought an official Beautyblender until now, and I’m kinda excited about it. I have sponges from Real Techniques at Ulta, but I’d love to see how the two compare. I can report back just so you guys know! Normally a Beautyblender is $20 alone, so I thought getting the cleansing soap, cleaning mat, and the travel case was a decent deal.

2. Tarte – Sea Breezy Cream Bronzer in Grace Bay

You’ll see I have three types of cream bronzers on here. I couldn’t help myself, I needed to test them out! I’m mainly looking for a combined cream bronzer/contour product. Since I love Tarte in general, I felt like I had to try this out. I’m a little nervous if this is going to look orange on my skin, but I’ll let you know how it is when I get it in!

3. Murad – City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50

This has been on my wish list for several months now and I had put a notification on Sephora literally months ago. For some reason this was even out of stock on Murad for several months, so I’m not sure what was going on with this product. Once I saw it was back in stock I jumped on it immediately even though it’s quite pricey for a sunscreen. I’m willing to shell out some major dollars for sunscreen because I know how important it is. I used to use the Murad Essential-C Day Moisture moisturizer for years and really respect this brand.

4. Inkey List – Hyaluronic Acid

I feel like I’ve been needing a great hyaluronic acid to use after my self care Sunday face masks, and this one is highly rated on Sephora. We’ll see how it turns out!

5. Fenty Beauty – Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream in Macchiato

This would be 2 out of the 3 cream bronzer I bought. Since I also love Fenty as a brand, and since this was product is brand spankin’ new, I felt like I had to try this as well.

6. Inkey List – Lactic Acid

Since I am pregnant and not able to use a lot of chemical exfoliants such as Drunk Elephant’s TLC Framboos, I decided to invest in a simple lactic acid. This should be completely safe for pregnant women.

7. Huda Beauty – Tantour Contour & Bronzer Cream – Light

Last but not least, this is the last cream bronzer/contour I purchased. On the recommendation of a local makeup artist I admire and trust (@JtorryMakeup), she used this in her tutorial and recommended we use a cream bronzer in order to really set in the contour.

8. Summer Fridays – CC Vitamin C Serum

I’ve fallen in love with this Vitamin C Serum, and this is the third time I’ve restocked. I really like the consistency, the scent is just fine (aka no fragrance that I can smell), and I do think it works!

9. Bobbi Brown – Crushed Liquid Lipstick in Juicy Date

An influencer I follow (@champagneandchanel) posted about this lipstick as a topper to what she wears, since it’s more hydrating than her base lipstick. Since my lips have consistently been dry the last few months, I feel like I need to get more hydrating lip products. We’ll see how this works out.

10. Hourglass – Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick

Another recommendation from @champagneandchanel. When I first started wearing makeup in college, I would use the Bed Head TIGI Fat Free foundation stick and I absolutely loved it. When it was discontinued, my world turned upside down. What was I going to do without my beloved stick foundation?!

Why yes, I started wearing makeup when I was 19 years old… anyway, I’ve been looking for a good foundation stick but haven’t found anything I liked. I’m going to try this out and see if it’s a good fit for my skin because it’s supposed to be hydrating.

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