Top 5 Favorite Fitness Apps to Download

Smart phones aren’t just for texting and talking on the phone… they are also super useful for providing motivation and convenience for your workouts! Below are some of my favorite health and fitness related apps that I use on a semi-regular basis.

1. Fitness Buddytop fitness app - fitness buddy

A couple of years ago I was looking for an app that would give me access to an exercise library. Luckily, I found a great app that houses a library of various exercises, from dumbbell exercises to bodyweight exercises. I still use this app regularly because it contains more than 1700 exercises (in the paid version which is what I have), and also gives you pre-configured workout routines.

The categories make this app extremely easy to navigate, and I love the way the UX of the app when I’m doing my workout routine. My favorite part about the routines is that it gives you a countdown timer after each set you complete which forces you to have a recovery period. This is definitely one of my favorites, I highly recommend it!

2. Fitness Blender

top fitness app - fitness blenderFitness Blender originally started as a YouTube channel by a married power couple, Daniel and Kellie. They are by far my favorite YouTubers out of all the YouTubers I follow because they are so passionate about what they do and I love working out with them. Their mission is to bring exercise to anyone, anywhere, which means all 400+ videos on YouTube are completely free. The fact that the have an app is pretty amazing, especially since there are only two of them!

The app kind of functions as Instagram with a twist – users are able to browse their videos by training type, post pictures in an Instagram-like feed, leave comments, have a profile, and more. I use this primarily as a motivational tool because it feels great to be a part of a community.


3. Blogilates

top fitness app - blogilatesI don’t think I ever actually completed one of Cassey’s videos, but I’m still slightly obsessed with her. Not only is she incredibly positive and passionate about pilates, but she’s intelligent and super business savvy. I admire her as a person and I think she is a great role model. I keep telling myself I will try one of her videos one day, but I’m not sure if I’m a pilates person. I think I tried one of her abs videos and gave up after like 2 minutes. So once she announced she was launching her app, I downloaded it almost immediately.

The interface has a more girly feel to it than Fitness Blender’s app and aligns with the cutesy pink Blogilates brand. It too has an Instagram-like feel to it where users can post pictures along with captions and hashtags. Videos are also accessible from the app, and she has an option where you can select what body part you want to focus on such as your booty, arms, abs, etc. My favorite part of the app is the “Hot Topics” area of the forum. I love seeing girls’ transformation pictures! It’s so motivating. I keep this on my phone just for the hot topics stream.

4. MyFitnessPal

Myfitnesspal AppThere is no doubt in my mind that using this app makes one become extremely paranoid about the food that is being ingested. I downloaded this app years ago on recommendation from a friend and I’m an off-and-on user, but generally speaking I think it’s a great tool for managing what you are eating. The basic concept is that you keep a food and exercise diary. The app calculates calories using both your food and workout inputs, then adds them up at the end of the day. If your total calories are equal to or less than the daily caloric limit you had set for yourself, then you are good to go.

I love that you can manage your macros with a simple tap of a button, enter any packaged food item using a barcode scanner, and easily view your progress. My sister is an avid user and has logged in for 520 days in a row. I wish I had her commitment!


5. Instagram

Ever heard of #fitspo? Instagram is the breeding ground for fitness icons that have made their name solely by gaining followers on this explosive social top fitness app - instagrammedia app. When I was first beginning to work out, Instagram was my main source of motivation. I frequently used #fitspo, #transformation and other health and fitness related hash tags to find inspiration for my own workouts.

It’s actually how I found Kayla Itsines – when I started following her she had 100,000 followers… now she has 3.5 million! Other famous Instagram stars include Jen Selter, who is famous for her “belfies” (booty selfies), Michelle Lewin, who is famous for her chiseled curvy body, and Shonda1020, the previously unhealthy mom that posts helpful workout videos.

Another way to use Instagram is to actually make a dedicated fitness account for yourself and post your workouts and eats. If you’re following a program it’s the best way to stay accountable and receive positive feedback for all the work you’ve been putting in.


The above are just a few of the great fitness apps that are available to download. I use these apps on a semi-regular basis which is why they made it to this blog post. Hope this was helpful in inspiring your fitness journey!

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