My First Blog Post

Well, I finally did it.

After thinking about it for months (and possibly years), I chose a name. If you have ever tried to think of a creative name, you can understand how difficult it is… especially for someone as indecisive as me.

This blog will serve as an outlet for my fitspired life. What is fitspired you ask?

Fitspired: A life constantly inspired by fitness, health, and an active lifestyle.


Why yes, that is me taking a my-legs-look-strong selfie.

Here you’ll find the latest workouts I’m trying, health and wellness tips, and any other lifestyle tidbits I decide to throw in here.

Although I definitely do not consider myself a great writer by any means, I was always one to keep some kind of journal or diary, especially in my younger days.

In fact, in high school I had a Xanga, a Diaryland, Blogspot, and even had a diary called “Anita Review” where I would review people’s Diaryland journals. Remember when that was a thing?

My love of keeping a blog and my passion for a healthy lifestyle have brought me to this point; I can no longer keep it in!

Follow along as I navigate the rough waters as a late 20s young professional on the verge of a slowing metabolism.

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