How I’m Going to OWN 2018

One of the hardest parts about starting something is actually staying committed. This is true for many things in life; school, work, health, relationships, etc. In my particular case I know I have a problem when it comes to committing to my blog. I will sometimes get on a roll and then if I stop just one time, it’s over. No more blog posts.

I’m not going to make any bold statements just yet, but this blog post alone is a good start. The reason I stopped posting was because I felt like I had to explain why I stopped posting, and to be honest I didn’t want to explain anything, so I just never posted. What a vicious cycle.

Anyway, on to bigger and better things.

I turned 30 a month ago.


I don’t really feel 30, I still feel the same, just my bones and joints ache a little more. (Yes, I’m serious).

I’ve always tried to defy age gravity by using topical creams that are supposed to help with wrinkles. I still feel like I look young enough, although aging means skin doesn’t turnover as quickly which means scars take forever to disappear on my face.

Some of my friends were so bold as to create a 30 under 30 list in the last year of their 20s, however, I completely missed that boat. Instead, I’d like to present my 30 while 30 list. 30 things I want to accomplish during the 30th year of my existence.

30 while 30

  1. Volunteer at a tutoring place
  2. Generate income via a blog
  3. Focus on analyzing real estate deals
  4. Meal prep a week’s worth of food at least once a month
  5. Work out 3 times a week consistently
  6. Finish the Strong Curves Bootyful Beginnings fitness program at least once
  7. Write wedding thank you cards (I have not done this yet even though it’s been over 2 years. Better late than never?)
  8. Post a Youtube video that isn’t a dance video
  9. Try Barry’s bootcamp
  10. Write 5 articles on digital marketing during the 6 months of the year
  11. Manage FB ads for another business
  12. Write and mail birthday cards to close family and friends
  13. Be consistent with Pinterest marketing
  14. Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator
  15. Learn how to use Indesign
  16. Learn how to use new camera properly
  17. Make video of a vacation I’ve recently been on
  18. Download a math app and use it
  19. Host a dinner party
  20. Create my own recipe
  21. Read a book I normally wouldn’t read
  22. Attend a Solidcore class
  23. Blog 3 times a month (at least)
  24. Clean out fridge weekly
  25. Choreograph a dance to a Bollywood song for fun
  26. Eat vegan for a week
  27. Learn how to put on fake eyelashes
  28. Attend a hip-hop dance class
  29. Call a friend once a week on my way home from work
  30. Wear new styles of clothing I wouldn’t normally wear at least 3 times

Okay, this was a lot harder than I thought it would be… it also took way longer than I expected. Why is it so hard to think of 30 things I want to accomplish this year?

I do realize that a lot of what I wrote is fitness/health related, but that’s because it’s an aspect of my life I always want to focus on. Also, I definitely have not stuck to this list over the past couple of months, but I am making a bold statement RIGHT NOW and am going to make an effort to stick by this. 

Have you created a list like this?

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