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Last week I received this text from my mom while at work: “You’re a bad blogger. It’s been 21 days since your last post.”

It’s sad to say it has now been more than a month since my last post and my main excuse has been “work has been really busy.” (True story).

So, to make up for the lack of blog posts, I’m giving you a peak into the engagement pictures Appan and I took back in April of this year. We used the talented Thanin Viriyaki who is based in Dallas, and I would highly recommend him! All in all, the entire shoot took 8 hours. Thanin was willing to shoot with us all over Dallas, climbing hills, sweating in the hot sun, and risking his life to shoot on train tracks.


Sitting on some stairs at the Dallas Arboretum

We started off at the Dallas Arboretum, taking pictures all over the park.

Appan and Anita - Just the Two of Us

Pretty simple headshot pic.

Engagement Picture at Arboretum

I ended up putting my head on his chest and they said “stay there!”

Holding Hands

Not sure why I like this pic, it just seems so innocent and the trees are beautiful.

Dallas Skyline Engagement Pic

Don’t be fooled, this picture may look carefree and fun, but this spot was not easy to get to. It involved climbing hills and dealing with wind issues.

Dallas Skyline and Balloons

You’re free balloons!

Dallas Night Skyline

We were on the hill for so long, the night was painted black.

Chance Meeting on Escalators

Then we headed to the hotel that we are getting married at to shoot some elegant night time pics.

Tying his tie

Okay, let’s be honest, I have no idea how to tie a tie. Maybe I’ll know how after I get married? Hmm….

Appan and Anita Engagement Picture

Hyatt Hotel

I didn’t think this pic would end up that cool when we were taking it. Just wish my smile wasn’t so awkward.

These pictures were just a small preview of all of the pictures we took. Creating this blog post has actually made me really excited for what’s to come in October. I can’t believe we are getting married in less than 3 months!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. 🙂


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