2015 in Review

2015 is officially coming to an end, and I have to say, it’s been an incredible year for me.

Here are some of the highlights of my personal life:

  1. Attended 6 weddings, not including my own. Read about the first wedding we attended in June of this year.
  2. Visited several different places including India, Hawaii, Chicago, Austin, Minneapolis, New York, and Austin
  3. Took engagement pictures
  4. Planned a big fat Indian wedding and got married
  5. Put a deposit on a townhouse (but as of now have not officially closed yet)
  6. Officially achieved my long time dream of starting a blog
  7. Bought a new car! 

In terms of fitness and health, here are some of the highlights

Tried Various Types of Classes

I tried various types of classes through Fitmob and Classpass including pilates, barre, spin, and combination cardio classes. Some of the studios I’ve tried this year included Beyond500, City Surf Fitness, Exhale, Orange Theory, Pilates in Mind, Flywheel Barre, The Barre Code, and many others. Trying this many classes has been wonderful because I found what I truly enjoyed.

Beyond500 studio in Dallas

During a visit to Beyond500 studios, a mix of cardio and pilates

Joined the Barre Code Monthly

I found that I loved barre classes and quit Classpass in November in order to join The Barre Code monthly. I even convinced Appan to go with me to the Bring a Boy class earlier in December.

the barre code design district

Crossed off one of the fitness goals

I learned how to use the bar in the gym with someone who knew
what she was doing! While I haven’t been back to lift since then, I now have the foundation to continue lifting, should I choose to do so. 


Joined Dallas Fitness Ambassadors

I joined the wonderful blogger community Dallas Fitness Ambassadors and got to attend a couple of fun events, including a free class at Athleta by Flywheel Plano, and the Nike+ Training event at Northpark Mall. In addition, I got to meet some truly fabulous #bossgirl ladies! 

dallas fitness ambassadors flywheel athleta event

Picture courtesy of Mai Lyn at Deepfriedfit

nike training club dallas tx northpark

The free Nike Training Club event put together by Dallas Fitness Ambassadors

2016 should be another fantastic year, so excited for what’s to come. Happy New Year everyone!


    • Anita says:

      It definitely was very good to me 🙂 I still haven’t written a post about the wedding but I will at some point! Cheers to 2016 and getting to know you and the rest of the DFA ladies this year.

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